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Selling Tips

Selling with Ellison Zulian Property

It is important to employ a team of recognised local agents with at least 25 years of local market experience to achieve the best results for your property. Elite area specialists with proven strategies for success who are respected for an unblemished reputation for honesty and integrity will always be highly recommended by their clients.

"We have so many happy clients who have willingly provided glowing testimonials, we invite you to view or contact them for yourself."_Raylean Ellison and Natalie Zulian.

Ellison Zulian Property is a boutique independent style agency who's loyalties lie exclusively with the home owner, not a brand and they are dedicated to a limited number of properties. Raylean and Natalie are also the principles of the business with a vested interest in providing unlimited blue ribbon property exposure, honest feedback and expert advice for the best possible results. (See Company Profile). They continue to set record home prices in many local suburbs for units, houses and mansions.


Do your homework!

With the advent of the Internet all agencies, large and small now enjoy free flowing data on a level playing field. Franchised brands have lost their group strength advantages as global property data is now available to all buyers and agencies via dedicated real estate networks and “user pay” databases.

Prospective home buyers need only search the web to find a property in the location they require. Prospective home sellers now have access to unlimited global property exposure, whereas previously they were limited to local media advertising and private franchise databases of bargain hunters.

Savvy home owners are aware that franchise databases are obsolete as web portals like domain or realestate etc are where 99.9% of "genuine" buyers and renters search or register property alerts. This is because these web portals are independent of the brands and they provide reliable, unbiased information.

Statistically, most home owners choose between 2 or 3 reputable local agents to sell or lease their assets. As they all have unlimited on-line coverage, no one particular agent has an advantage over the other. Therefore, the majority of home owners will choose an agent based on their sales ability and credentials, regardless of brand.

Essentially, there are no real advantages to employing franchise brands, in fact home owner loyalty is one of the first casualties when brands are involved. You may also find your big brand agent is still a trainee, or has assigned your property to trainees lacking in the ability to qualify buyer inquiries, negotiate effectively and guide the sale to a successful conclusion..

We recommend you choose a team of experienced local agents from an independent style agency who are dedicated to your property. They will keep you informed and be available with honest answers and advice. The agency should also be experienced enough to recommend the best way to present your property for sale.



A well presented home will stand out from the crowd and encourage more inspections. It may also entice a higher sale price. However, a home that has not been maintained or looks neglected may turn prospective buyers off even before they've had an inspection.

Presenting your home for sale so that it does stand out should be second nature for an experienced agent. An efficient agency will have a team of interior designers, property stylists, landscape gardeners and trades people available for you to help make these changes easier if necessary. 

Strategic enhancements such as washing down walls, cleaning and painting window frames where necessary, tidying the garden, fixing up broken fences and gates and carrying out any essential plumbing or electrical repairs are strongly recommended.